What makes it Christmassy “You’ll shoot yer eye out!” Chore Watching Index: 2/10 The only thing chorey is the fact that you’ve already seen it a hundred times and probably […]

What makes it Christmassy Lots of Christmas music. Chore Watching Index: 7/10 Slow, rambling, ridiculous plot… Standout Performances Vera-Ellen is a swell dancer. Mood Lobotomized WTF Vera-Ellen is impossibly skinny.

What makes it Christmassy Part of the plot involves making enough toys in time for Christmas. Chore Watching Index: 7/10 This movie is really messed-up. Standout Performances Ray Bolger and […]

What makes it Christmassy Christmas trees, Jingle Bells, Christmas pageants. Chore Watching Index: 3/10 The Vince Guaraldi Trio just makes it. Standout Performances Bill Melendez Mood Indulge in seasonal depression […]

What makes it Christmassy It happens to take place on Christmas Eve, but there is virtually nothing else. Chore Watching Index: 4/10 The character’s lives are a little sad, but […]