What makes it Christmassy Trains, snow, the North Pole, 3D animation, music, fantasy, a $165 million budget. Chore Watching Index: 4/10 You wish you were watching Snowpiercer (2013), but it’s […]

What makes it Christmassy Duh, there’s a Santa and a bunch of elves. Chore Watching Index: 4/10 Zooey Deshanel is so dry, you’ll want to wash it down with some […]

What makes it Christmassy The crown jewel of drunk Santas Chore Watching Index: 2/10 Lots of twists and turns and unexpected human growth make it strangely pleasant. Standout Performances They’re […]

What makes it Christmassy It takes place on Christmas Eve, and there’s a big Christmas Tree at the end. Lots of allusions to the nativity thing. Chore Watching Index: 3/10 Some […]

What makes it Christmassy It takes place on Christmas Eve. That’s about it. Chore Watching Index: 9/10 Nobody is likable in this movie. I can see why Denis Leary only […]

What makes it Christmassy Scott learns he is becoming Santa. Chore Watching Index: 4/10 Totally stupid, but Tim Allen is so digestible that you won’t mind that much. Standout Performances Judge […]

What makes it Christmassy This movie is practically made of Christmas… Chore Watching Index: 3.5/10 There are some groan-worthy moments, but it’s mostly delightfully stupid. Standout Performances Catherine O’Hara and that […]

What makes it Christmassy Christmas past, present and future Chore Watching Index: 2/10 I find this film rather entertaining, yes. Standout Performances Bill Murray, Carol Kane, Bobcat Goldthwait Mood Totally eighties, […]