Eva Romero

What makes it Christmassy This movie is practically made of Christmas… Chore Watching Index: 3.5/10 There are some groan-worthy moments, but it’s mostly delightfully stupid. Standout Performances Catherine O’Hara and that […]

What makes it Christmassy Christmas past, present and future Chore Watching Index: 2/10 I find this film rather entertaining, yes. Standout Performances Bill Murray, Carol Kane, Bobcat Goldthwait Mood Totally eighties, […]

What makes it Christmassy “Now I have a machine gun. Ho. Ho. Ho.” Chore Watching Index: 2/10 A thriller that has withstood the test of time Standout Performances Alan Rickman Mood […]

What makes it Christmassy What are they selling in that lot? Coke or Christmas trees? You decide. Chore Watching Index: 3/10 Buddy cop movies. So eighties. Also, take it down a […]

What makes it Christmassy I seem to recall that this movie takes place at Christmas time? Chore Watching Index: 3/10 It’s just so over the top that you may find […]

What makes it Christmassy Drunk Santas Chore Watching Index: 1/10 If you don’t like this movie, something is wrong with you. Mood I just want to be reminded that the […]